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Interview with Lindsay Davis, CEO of the turnkey company, Spartan Invest

May 12, 2021 The REI Concierge - Lisa Tilstra & Tim Robinson Season 1 Episode 13
The REI Concierge Podcast
Interview with Lindsay Davis, CEO of the turnkey company, Spartan Invest
Show Notes

We're thrilled to bring you this interview with Lindsay Davis!  Lindsay is the CEO of Spartan Invest, based in Birmingham, Alabama.

In her role as CEO, Lindsay manages all of the day-to-day operations for a team of over 20 employees, 150 contractors, and 250 additional outside vendors. She has sole responsibility for Spartan Invest’s $12 million in assets and $22 million in revenue. In 2017, Lindsay traveled to Barcelona, Spain, to receive the Stevie Award for International Woman of the Year. She shows extreme dedication to all of Spartan’s customers, employees, contractors, and vendors to ensure everyone is taken care of and treated fairly.

Lindsay joined Spartan Invest in May of 2011 as Property Manager. After only 8 months, she was promoted to the position of Market Director. In this role, she resided over $4M in total assets and managed the company’s entire retail portfolio. She is also solely responsible for the creation of Spartan Realty, Spartan Invest’s brokerage arm. She also worked to make the brand one of the leading home buyers and largest licensee in the Southeast.

Lindsay graduated from the University of Alabama in 2007. Her educational background was in Public Relations, but soon after college she made her name as an operational rock star. In her short, 4-year career at Cintas she received 5 promotions and held the positions of Production Supervisor, Service Training Coordinator, HR Manager, Office Manager, and Service Manager. Lindsay and Clayton worked successfully together at Cintas, where the idea for Spartan Invest was born.

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